Lindsay Wert,  Owner/Principal Consultant   

I am a product development engineer and manager with extensive experience leading and participating in development of multiple-technology medical devices and software applications.  I have worked with diverse organizations including medical device developers and manufacturers and small businesses such as property managers and retailers in direct, outsource, and independent consulting roles.  My strengths lie in building collaborative relationships among management, marketing, and engineering groups within organizations to realize innovative solutions.



Carol S. Wert,  Owner/Principal Consultant

I am a project manager / business intelligence analyst with over 20 years of experience driving successful company performance through the establishment of solid business requirements and translation of business/data requirements/processes into viable technical business intelligence solutions.  I have managed and participated in all aspects of design, development and implementation of database/software reporting systems utilizing Relational Database Management Systems and associated development & visualization tools. My background includes extensive experience with data and metric analysis for the creation, implementation and support of financial, human resource, sales & marketing, and customer relationship management decision support and data warehouse applications.



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